Foggy Hollow Fieldstone Steppers

Natural stone step slabs (a.k.a. steppers) have become extremely popular in recent years. Nothing looks better than a short 3 set of stone slab steps separating an upper and lower patio terrace. We have seen as many as 20 steps installed here in the mountains where things are steep. Large natural stone steppers are heavy and relatively flat on top to provide for a naturally textured non slip surface during warm season months. In cold season months natural stone sure holds up better under regular salt application than say…concrete. 

Product Details

We offer tan sandstone step slabs and grey field stone step slabs. The grey ones are a bit more rare but if you catch us at the right time we should have what you need. Around here the locals refer to the grey colored stones as “fieldstone” and the tan/rust colors are typically referred to as “sandstone.” The tan stuff is typically thicker and slightly more flat on top. The grey fieldstone steppers are typically thinner at 4-5″ thickness. Occasionally we will get lucky and find the grey steppers at full 7″ thickness with a perfect flat side.

Our steps come in various thicknesses. Please give us a call today to see what we have in stock compared to what you need. Most large tan steppers range from 7-10″ thickness. We try to collect and stockpile the stones in piles with matching thickness. Call us for more information.

We have everything from small garden steppers to medium size and then mega size steppers. Let our team know your dimensions and we will get it for you.

For on site detail shaping of these bad boys we recommend utilizing a stone hammer drill and appropriately sized splitting tool “wedge and shim” set. You can find quality splitting tools from Trow & Holden VT or Bon Tool. This is the right way to split thick slabs over 6″. If you need specific shapes, let us know, we can always split them for you.


Potential Uses




Landscape Bed Accents


Landscape Steps


Garden Pond Bridge




Patio Terrace Separation


Outcropping Style Walls

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